• Technology Center
    Computer Classroom Procedures

    General Rules for All Users

    The Computers in the Technology Center are for all to use. Please respect the equipment and the effort that goes into keeping everything running well for you.

    The computers should always look like they're new. If they don't, tell your teacher or Technology Center staff immediately! It is your responsibility to report any damage or anything that looks unusual.

    Handle the keyboard and mouse only. If you need to tilt the screen to see it better, do it with two hands, one on each side, and move the screen gently.

    Do not restart the computer or handle any other equipment unless specifically told to do so by a teacher or Tech Center staff.
    Use your own computer. Do not touch anyone else’s mouse, keyboard or monitor.

    Follow instructions the first time they are given.

    Food, drink, gum and cosmetics are not to be brought to the computer labs.

    Log in with your own name and password. If you can’t log in, see the lab administrator to check your name or reset your password. Do not log in with any other account unless told to do so by a teacher or Tech Center staff.

    Use your GageNet and internet account responsibly and appropriately. GageNet computers are provided for you to do your school work and school related projects.

    Respect everyone’s right to work in the computer labs.

    The above rules are taken seriously. Violation of any of these rules may result in temporary or permanent termination of your account in addition to disciplinary action.